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November 2018

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 4emersons am 2spoopy member @pp!c@t!0n eye hop dis g3t @cc3pt3d

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PostSubject: 4emersons am 2spoopy member @pp!c@t!0n eye hop dis g3t @cc3pt3d   Sat Mar 07, 2015 1:43 am

Minecraft username: 4emersons aka potato

Real name: Hello. Yes. This is Brad Pitt.

Age: 473839200 Seconds.

Location: "I am proud to be an American. Because an American can eat anything on the face of this earth as long as he has two pieces of bread."
—Bill Cosby

"Or Cheese." —Ben Emerson

How did you hear about Gweedo’s Paradise SMP? Oh, ya know. A little birdy chirped it into my brain that I would throw out the random letters, numbers, and/or punctuation that turned out to be the ip. (Isn't it MegaScary how it works like that?)

How long have you been playing on our server? W0w sexist. I will send a 2 hour, 6 minute long voice mail to you complaining about the these questions if you'd be a pal and give me your phone number.

Do you plan on being on our server very much? I will be on your server as long as the panda stays 3 races all in one.

Do you know any of our current players that would vouch for you? (You have to ask them before you put their name down.): CloudKesh, Pandaz1/Dylstrosity2, Kevo, Some weird afro guy who looks like this  afro , Mel Gibson, nsuth13, _xXBlazeIt420Xx_, 2spoopymoopotatsheep, and potatokiller64.

Why do you deserve Explorer rank?: Oh, hmm. I'm too lazy to try on this, so I'll just explain it in gifs and quotes atm. I might decide to write stuff later.

I've got the groove...:

...and I'm really proud of that.:

When I hear a joke...:

...I just can't keep from laughing.:

I don't rage easily...:

..and I've been told I'm not generally boring.:

I'm not very clumsy...:

...and I certainly don't let my pants sag...: that should be a plus in your book.:

Again, I'm an incredible dancer.:

You won't be disappointed if you choose me.:

I'm just so excited to be here.:

So excited that I'm screaming and...:

...jumping for joy at the thought of being approved.:

I will do my best to not frustrate you.:

I'm generally a happy person...:

...but if I get on your nerves...:

...and you tell me to knock if off...:

...I won't pretend to be confused...:

...but if I do get a bit confused...:

...I'll just ask for it to be explained again...:

...I will find a way to understand.:

I'm a good dancer.:

I'm not a lazy bum...:

and I'm excited to do whatever it takes to get this position.:

You will be proud of me if you accept this...:

...I won't let you down.:

I like being 2spoopy at times...:

...but I've only scared 3 people bad enough to pee their pants.:

At this point you are probably shocked...: my incredible dance moves.:

Alright, at the beginning I was really tired...:

...but now I have enough energy to write some stuff...: grab your popcorn and get reading!:

Hi. My name is Bradd Pit. I am 2spoopy. I like potatoes and potato shaped sheep and potato flavored sheep and potato colored sheep and potato shaped and flavored sheep and potato shaped and colored sheep and potato flavored and colored sheep. I am gr00t.

I am loyal, bruh. I will stick around even when the 2spoopy grizzly endermen have taken over the world and build massive structures with their bear hands.

I am kind. I am willing to help out with whatever needs to be done for the good of the server, especially leading the potato army to world domination. World domination is important for our potato kind (See what I did there?). I would never insult the desert biome like that one sign does.

am gud dancin:

I like potatoes. Potatoes r bae.

Yes, I know bae means poop.

But that's in another language.

And I'll stick to English language.

Cuz English language has so much Extra "pizaz" that I'd call it TopDoge.

TopDoge is top of the food chain.

I like potato is a food.

I like food.

I am always focused, never ever ever get distracted.

Potatoes are awesome.

They should make potato blocks in Minecraft.

Potato should be a mob, now that we're on that topic.

They should add potato to the 20$ bill.

And name it "And I drew Potato named Jack, who is my son."

Oh yeah, this isn't one of the many potato-praising posts I make.


I am good at building....

...ugly looking houses.

I have great ideas for Minecraft's future. Micro blocks, stained hardened clay slabs and stairs, POTATO BLOCKS, sharks that spawn in player-made pools, rainbows, lots of other trail blazing ideas. Some would call me more of a trail blazer than Damian Lillard.

I am trustworthy. I will watch over your potatoes with my life. They would have to rip open my stomach before I'd let them have them.

Potatoes are gr00t.

I am gr00t.

tyvm 3 redin

i hop u luffed eet az much az m3

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PostSubject: Re: 4emersons am 2spoopy member @pp!c@t!0n eye hop dis g3t @cc3pt3d   Sat Mar 07, 2015 1:53 am

100/10 best application ever. Accepted.
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4emersons am 2spoopy member @pp!c@t!0n eye hop dis g3t @cc3pt3d
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