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 DemonicToxin's application for Jr. Mod

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PostSubject: DemonicToxin's application for Jr. Mod   Sat Sep 03, 2016 1:07 pm

Minecraft username: DemonicToxin

Real name:Jacob


Location: Nova Scotia

How long have you been playing on Gweedo’s Paradise SMP?: since the 27th of august 2016

Name anyone who would vouch for you: MegaScary2

Why do you think you should become a JrMod? What are your best qualities that would make you a good staff member?
Becoming a Jr. Mod would give me the ablility to interact closer with the other server members, giving other staff a break from such responsiblities. Helping others is one thing I personally enjoy very much, and something I take very seriously. I belive that my best qualities would include things like patience especially when dealing with member to member conflict, should I become a Jr. Mod I would be trying my best all the time to prove that the decision was not a waste. Any and all questions regarding my applicaion, refer to me ingame.

~~ DemonicToxin signing off
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DemonicToxin's application for Jr. Mod
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