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 AliDaDuck's JrMod Application

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PostSubject: AliDaDuck's JrMod Application   Sat Nov 21, 2015 5:35 pm

Username: AliDaDuck

Name: Aliya Gajra

Age: 7

Location: US

How long have you been playing on Gweedo's Paradise SMP?: 3-4 months

Why do you think you should become a JrMod? What are your best qualities that would make you a good staff member?

Upon looking at my age, you may see that I am much more mature than I think. I, Ali, respect others opinions and attempt to fill the chat with enthusiasm,happiness, and fun stuff that doesnt exclude no one person. I strongly believe in following all the server rules and think that the SMP is great in welcoming players from all different backgrounds to come and have a great time in by the help of me referring them. Not only this, but I also attempt to clean the chat of any flame wars or fights, so that everyone can have an awesome time. I hope to become a JrMod and persuade others to also think of playing on Gweedo's Paradise SMP by being a good person!
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PostSubject: Re: AliDaDuck's JrMod Application   Sat Nov 21, 2015 6:11 pm

Ali thank you for applying. This is a very well written app. I do need to tell you that you are the youngest player to apply for staff. You have come a long way since I first saw you join the server and you do seem more mature than your age, but being a staff member is alot for someone so young. Don't be discouraged if you do not become a staff member right away. We may just need more time to see how you handle things before promoting you. Keep up the good work on the server!

Edit: After further consideration and watching you on the server we have decided it would be best if you waited before applying for staff. We feel you are a bit too young to handle being a staff member. Keep playing and having fun and apply again in the future.


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PostSubject: Re: AliDaDuck's JrMod Application   Fri Dec 25, 2015 7:13 pm

A pleasure to talk to. You have the maturity of someone much older,
you are always so nice. You even helped me clear land for my castle (JTTwTT)J
Also that app is beautiful ;w;
Vouch for days (J*-*)J
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PostSubject: Re: AliDaDuck's JrMod Application   

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AliDaDuck's JrMod Application
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